Monday, April 28, 2014

My son is leaving for college next fall, and will spend his first term abroad. He will be at the University College Dublin, in a program through Northeastern University (in Boston). Charlie has connected recently with other American students in this same program and they began discussing Thanksgiving overseas. Apparently, Charlie volunteered to have his mother teach him to roast a turkey so they could create their own holiday feast in the university apartments he will be staying in.

Today he decided to tackle this project, so at lunch I walked through the steps to roast the turkey so he could work on it after school. Once he started, he decided he wanted me to talk him through it on the phone.

As a result… I was walking down the hall, by the cubes of a handful of male colleagues, who overheard only my parts of the conversation as I tried to help him out:

“Charlie, grab the legs and pull them apart.”
“The breasts should be facing up.”
“Now stick your hand in the hole and pull out the stuff inside.”

The colleagues were completely freaked out. But their worried expressions were priceless.

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Maggie said...

Pure awesome.