Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Here's to a VERY HEALTHY 2014 - cause I'm kinda over the whole surgery thing

The day before Christmas I got a call from my surgeon that despite a negative biopsy a cancerous growth was found in the part of my thyroid that was removed. Although made me a little panicky (the whole sole surviving parent role has me exceptionally aware that I need to live a long, healthy life) the doctor was able to talk me down with reassuring words like “encapsulated”, “very small”, “very likely already treated by removal”, and “not something to drink the ocean over.” I actually have no idea what that last one means but it stuck with me from a conversation that I am sure I at least in part blocked out. 

I now need to consult with an endocrinologist about what, if any, further treatment is called for. The possibility exists for another surgery to remove the remaining half of my thyroid. The pre-surgery ultrasounds showed the right side looking fine. However, I believe I have a somewhat increased chance of a similar growth on the other side, since I have shown a predilection to grow cancer cells. There may be a benefit to just getting rid of it so any future growth doesn't go unnoticed, similarly to pick up any other small carcinomas?. This would necessitate a lifetime of thyroid hormone replacement medication, and be a required precursor to any radiation if that were considered necessary. I just don’t know and won’t for a little while. She reassured me I had plenty of time to see doctors and make a decision.

The hardest part so far has been sharing the news with the kids. Merry Christmas guys... guess what? They seem to be handling it very well though. There is not a battle I’m unwilling to fight to be enough parent for them. I hope they know this. 

With my family, friends, my career, my gym, I have more blessings than I can count that are worth being healthy for.

Love to you and yours in the New Year. And thanks to those of you who I know have our backs each and every day. I'm a lucky girl, and I got this. 

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