Monday, August 30, 2010

With our exchange student in the house the past week, I have been trying to be conscious of language patterns my family has that may be difficult to translate. We all talk too fast, for example, and have a bad habit of trying to talk over each other. I tend to be overly verbose...

Christian's English is excellent, but every now and then I know we're confusing and he either needs help understanding what we are saying or preferably would like to just tune us out. Some of the words that have come up are "Toothpaste", "Dishwasher", "Laundry" - domestic grooming vocab lesson was glossed over, I guess. What DOES translate, PERFECTLY, however is adolescent humor.

We went' over to the new sporting goods store recently, Dicks Sporting Goods,
and Christian was immediately giggling when Charlie started making jokes that come up every single time we go to the store. They never get old!

"This is a really big Dicks."

"This is one of the biggest Dicks I have ever seen."

"I love Dicks."

I was retelling this story to Chuck at dinner that night (he also loves teenage boy humor) and Christian said his favorite was Charlie asking, "Do you have Dicks in Germany?"

Friday, August 06, 2010

Please do the Smeddling, and don't forget to hide the socks.

I had one of those moments today where I laughed so hard I had tears in my eyes and could barely breathe. I had trouble regaining control. Unfortunately it was at work and now everyone probably thinks I am insane. I got a call from Samantha. I left her at home this morning with a list of chores. Aunt Vicky and Uncle John are coming and I want the house to be cleaned up for them.

Samantha called to complain that Charlie's chore list was much shorter. Charlie's been out of town, landed around midnight last night, and wasn't going to be home until mid morning. Samantha was also a much bigger part of making the mess, so this particular time, I asked her to do more.

"All he has to do is put away the play station and HIDE THE SOCKS?"

This is the point at which I started to loose it. Do you know how sometimes you leave clutter somewhere for so long you fail to see it anymore? You probably don't... you are probably much neater than my family, but for several weeks now we have had a growing collection of unmatched socks in the dining room. As I was leaving for work, and noticed THREE LAUNDRY BASKETS FULL of these single socks and I thought, Christ, that's embarrassing and quickly added "Hide the socks" to Charlie's list. It wasn't until Samantha called me to talk about the disparity of their lists that I realized how stupid it was that "hide the socks" needed to be on the Aunt Vicky's coming to-do list.

Sam was further aggravated by the last item on her list - which she could not decipher. The closest she came was "Smeddling." I honestly don't remember what it said, since I'm running on just a few hours sleep today and jotted that around 1 am.

"All Charlie has to do is mess around with the play station and hide socks, I not only have all these chores, I have to figure out what smeddling is before I can even do it."

I'm still laughing.

update! - it Was 'Shredding'! We had gone through a bunch of financial papers this week and purged. Needed a bunch of documents shredded! phew. Not being able to figure that out was actually a bit annoying.