Monday, May 28, 2007

I had an amazing experience today. An engineer from Qualcomm’s San Diego office whom I have worked with for the past couple of years landed his Grumman Tiger 4 cylinder, 180 horsepower airplane at Tillamook Airport. I was glad to have the visitor - and Chuck and I offered one of our too many vehicles for him and his friend to get around Tillamook for the time he was here. Sam in turn, offered to take me up for a ride in his Tiger– and even though I was just a bit afraid of going up in such a small aircraft – my family convinced me it was an opportunity not to be passed up. I’m so glad I did – the view of my home town from the sky is amazing. Taking pictures was a challenge – the plane was moving, I was moving, I was very excited and I was shooting through the plane window, trying to avoid getting too much of the plane in the aerial view shots. Sam was nice enough to open up the canaopy and turn it briefly into a convertible for me to take a few shots without the window glare, but these were done by holding the camera out the window and shooting blind. What an amazingly beautiful place I live in!! Take a look at the pictures I did manage to shoot... We circled the Tillamook’s Three Capes and then flew over the downtown Tillamook before landing. He even circled my house - so I opened up the image I took over our home and circled it myself...(easier to see if you click on the image and enlarge)

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Damn that evil girl. It must be a European thing.

I wish she had never shown me this:

never, never, never

Sunday, May 06, 2007

I'm a new fan of the zenhabits website. I gleen something useful from it almost everyday.

Friday, May 04, 2007

Concert lust

I think I must go! How can I not go to this? and this? Tickets go on sale tomorrow at 10 am for both events. What to do??
To say I am glad to be home today, would be a vast understatement. I have been on the Wilson River Highway between Tillamook and Portland six out of the last seven days - and for three of those days it was a one day round trip. Interestingly it was also in five different vehicles.

Here's a recap:

Last Thursday - accompany Samantha's second grade class on a school bus to see the Boxcar Children (Gertrude C. Warner’s wonderful first adventure of The Boxcar Children comes to life again in this OCT Classic production) at Portland's Keller auditorium.

Last Friday - accompany Charlie's fifth grade class on a school bus to see the Boxcar Children (Gertrude C. Warner’s wonderful first adventure of The Boxcar Children comes to life again in this OCT Classic production) at Portland's Keller auditorium.

Last Saturday - Trade cars with Beth so that she can fit the three exchange students on her trip to Eugene to tour University of Oregon and drive Beth's car to the farm - mostly so Charlie can play with the power tools with Max to make a bow and arrow for a school project

Last Sunday - home from the farm.

Last Tuesday - drive the Toyota mamamobile to Portland to work (wondering, is the gear shifting feeling funny again?)

Last Wednesday - home from Portland

Yesterday mid-day - Back to Portland to take Charlie to the orthodontist. The car starts making a funny noise, which I finally get rid of by turning of OD. I never understand what OD was for anyway, how important can it be?

Yesterday afternoon - Two miles from the orthodontist - in the middle of Lake Oswego the car stops moving. Well, it does move, but only backwards because we are on a hill.

Yesterday a few minutes later - Even though I was stopped in the middle of a major street - I was really more concerned about Charlie's appointment. it is a huge production to get Charlie to the orthodontist, since he has to miss school, I have to make an extra trip to Portland and take time off work etc. Plus this kid is getting close to the end of his first two year round of braces and any missed appointment may jeopardize getting them removed.
I called the office and pleaded my case and they agreed to wait for half an hour if I could find a way to resolve my vehicular problems and get Charlie to them. However, I couldn't leave the car on the side of the road, it was pouring rain and I still needed to figure out eventually how to return to Tillamook. So I called Jennifer, my boss and dear friend!, who came and took Charlie to the orthodontist appointment while I waited for a tow. Charlie was in and out by the time the tow truck came.

Yesterday 45 minutes later - Charlie and I had an hour long ride with a very chatty tow truck driver (We both got a thorough education on his first wife's infidelities, subsequent suicide when he left her, his tour in the first Gulf War and how he met his current wife on a domestic disturbance call while working in an Emergency Room as part of his state side service with the Navy. Second wife Cheryl, ended up moving into our tow truck driver's home when her violent husband was killed in a DUI incident. There was some debate as to whether the tow truck driver could have saved the husband's life, which he wasn't eager to do after the domestic violence call. I kid you not. We both got ALL that information between the place where my vehicle stalled and Beaverton Toyota).

Yesterday pm - Mom and Candy met us at the Toyota service department and loaned us their Honda. It ran like a dream all the way home, so I'm loving it, but my son had many concerns about the quality of his ride. "Mom, really, let's rent a car. Look this one leaks!" It runs, it's free, we're taking it son. When I asked him where he learned to be such a princess he looked right at ME and rolled his eyes.