Monday, April 29, 2013

Getting dressed one morning this weekend... noticed a new pair of panties had laundering instructions that included "iron on cool." Who irons their underwear? Decided this was not something I was going to add to my already way to long to-do list.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Spring is in the Air

We are preparing for the upcoming Prom in my household. It's going to be a crazy weekend. The girl has a softball tournament, the boy is juggling his prom obligations with participation in a Water Polo tournament that will hopefully qualify his team for the Junior Olympics in Orange County  - and he has asked me to host dinner for 25 kids going to the dance (not sure why there is an odd number - or why the number of guests has been climbing all week). It is absurd for me to take this on, but I just couldn't turn him down. The sweet romance of his invitation to his date, alone, had me melting.

Charlie's lined up several friends to hold up giant P - R - O - M - ? letters along his date's ride home from a LaCrosse match. (He was waiting at her house with the '?'). His friends also went above and beyond with scavenger hunts, rose pedals, etc. etc.

Quite a contrast, with say, our generation. A friend recently shared with me that her boyfriend, likely in an attempt to minimize the possibility of rejection, asked her the question - "If I were to ask you to marry me, would you say yes?". Chicken. Anyways - her equally romantic response, was "Well, ya, I dig the shit out of you."

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Earlier this week I drove out to Churchill HS to see the Lancers and Sheldon Irish Varsity Softball matchup. On the way to the field I had to pull over and let three emergency vehicles pass with their lights and sirens on. 

I continued towards the game after they passed and grew increasingly distressed to see they were headed the same way I was. We have strong connections to both these teams – the Oregon Reign, a feeder team for Churchill SB, has become family. And as for Sheldon...turns out I like some of those guys too.

My heart was in my throat worried about the many people I knew to be on that ball field I care about hoping no one was hurt. I guess I’m still afraid, and may always be, of lights and sirens. It’s just never good news. A few blocks before Churchill, the ambulance and fire trucks stopped at the scene of a vehicle accident. I looked away. I showed up at Churchill a few minutes later and had to sit in my car until I stopped hyperventilating. This stuff just sneaks up on you at the most awkward times.