Saturday, June 28, 2008

Next stop, Williamsport!

What an enormous treat it has been to be an All-Star parent this year. I just ooooze with pride watching my kids play ball. I don't know where the talent comes from. They love, love, love this game. We are on our way to the LL Tournament at Alpenrose field for Tillamook's first foray into tournament baseball. Going to be a long hot weekend, playing teams with a whole lot more experience than us, but the families and kids are so excited just to go!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Good hair day?

Last Sunday, I came home fairly wiped out from a play day with Samantha. I have been fighting off a cold, it had been a tough week it and Samantha and I had a big play day the night before driving to Portland, going out for Sushi and then watching a live performance as High School Musical.
As soon I get home, I was ready to take it easy – move into weekend mode and pamper myself. I put on a pair of boxers, a free t-shirt from work and crashed on the couch. I was not my most "done-up," so to speak. Despite this, Chuck was incredibly loving that Saturday… He made a wonderful dinner of tuna and scallops and was just very affectionate. I was laughing at him and eventually determined it must have been my hair. It sure wasn't the outfit.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

I snuck away from a little early last Friday afternoon since Samantha and I had tickets to a live performance High School Musical. We took the Z3 and had big fun driving through the Tillamook State Forest with the wind in our hair and Uncle Kracker on the stereo. She vetoed listening to an Audio recording of "Little Women" which we had started the weekend before on a road trip to Eugene, believing only rock and roll should be played on a sunny Friday afternoon with the top down. That red head is pretty smart, and look how cute we are! For the record, this is one of those do as I say, not as I do moments. Mom's posing, driving, and taking the picture while driving. This was after about six failed attempts from Samantha, who's arms were too short to get us both in the picture.