Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Monday, January 21, 2008

"I'm still thinking about my feel..."

Samantha has mentioned ear pain a few times over this past weekend, so I have been keeping an eye on her. Since both kids spend so much time in the pool, “Swimmer’s ear” is a common ailment in our house. I want to make sure that she’s doesn’t have an ear infection so I have been checking in with her a few times a day to see if there is any increased pain, signs of fever, etc.
This girl has always very much enjoyed holding us captive to her answers - something about the power of choice that she really, really savors, even over the most mundane decisions. Then longer she can make us wait for her answer, the happier she is. So her answer, to my question, “How are you feeling?” was typically non committal. Pictured here is a girl who is “still thinking about her feel.”

New Indian Name? "Sleeps with Ball"

Saturday was a wonderful day for the Mundorff parents. We started the day celebrating at the YMCA both kids setting PRs in every event they swam at the first home swim meet of the year.
Charlie and Samantha then left home almost immediately after the meet until the next day to spend the night at friend's houses.
Alone for the first time in weeks, Chuck and I spent a wonderful evening cuddling, watching Knocked Up (something for both of us- raunchy guy humor with a love story thrown in to keep the girl happy), drinking beer and eating home made appetizers. Eventually he crashed. With his football. Wouldn't you think after a day like this he would rather fall asleep spooning his gorgeous wife than the pigskin?

Dude - you're a little short for that team!

The high school boys members of the Sharks team this weekend were one guy short for the home meet Saturday and Charlie was asked to fill in for an IM and Freestyle relay with the big guys. Although he was nervous about falling way behind - Daniel Werner wouldn’t let him wiggle out of it, and even had him anchor in the Freestyle Relay.
Charlie kicked ass.
He finished his backstroke 1/2 length ahead of the competitors and completely held his own on the Free. The team won both races, and Charlie was thrilled with his efforts. What a stud.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

My god that's an Ugly Sweater

It was Aunt Deb’s stroke of genius to have an Ugly sweater contest at our 2007 Mundorff family Christmas gathering.
Charlie’s sweater featuring many, many fuzzy bears, and Grandma Joyce’s angry bird walked away with the top honors at this year’s competition as judged by the cousins. My personal favorites had to be the Lime Green Fred Meyer sweater vest with faux sheep trim Chuck wore, Sean’s Centralia Dress Barn sweater featuring the attached scarf, Darin’s Santa Claus and baby Jesus sweatshirt “(“Keep Christmas spirit in your heart… Most of all, the Jesus part”) and Aunt Deb’s especially glittery around the boobs Value Village sweater.
Our nieces outdid themselves. Joyce’s socks alone were worthy of a prize as was that worn by Rachele “Nothing says Christmas like Blue Doves” Wirrick. California Jenn came in with a subtle yet extraordinarily unfortunate cardigan featuring embroidered poinsettias.
Aunt Darcy came out every hour with a different sweater, each seeming to out do the previous choice.
We giggled the night away. Next year, I’m lobbying for a molded jello salad competition. I still get tears in my eyes every time I click through this book online.