Monday, October 13, 2003

damp, fancy, file, grapes...

I’m feeling like a bit of a mean mom today. Charlie has a spelling “pre-test” every week – his teacher gives him a quiz on the week’s spelling words, prior to practicing them. Any words he misses on the pretest are highlighted for additional work (he has to write each one five times), to be completed on Monday evenings (Tuesday and Wednesday these same words are to be written in sentences). Kids that miss no spelling words on the pretest are excused from spelling work for the week. It was clear early in the year (after acing a couple of pretests), that Charlie needed a supplemented list, or he would have ended up homework free more often than not. I wanted to come up with lists that were more difficult for him to master. His teacher has been quite supportive of this. We have been giving him a list of 20 words each week, selected intentionally to challenge him. This week’s words were:
damp, fancy, file, grapes, leave, notice, scooter, toad, want, whistle, bid, coffee, duty, lock, rush, saddle, sandwich, slipper, slippery, tax
After picking up Charlie from school this afternoon I got an email message from his teacher explaining that Charlie missed 6 words on his pretest, and that he left his homework at school in his desk.
I told Charlie that since we had no idea which ones he missed, he could write all the words five times. (I’m a big believer in natural consequences – along the lines of it is too bad you are cold honey, you should have brought a coat). He didn’t do the math (thankfully) until after he got through the first 17 words (each written 5 times). “MOM! That’s 100 words!!” then there was much sighing. The whole exercise was made especially painful since Richard was over waiting for him to finish all these words so they could take some string, pieces of wood, a rubber band and some construction paper and make a “sick baby animal radar" device.
Charlie actually finished rather quickly, filling two lined sheets of notebook paper with neatly printed loopy letters with each of this week’s 20 words written five times.

that makes you a Lollygagger

Samantha put something in her mouth recently and proclaimed, "Mom. This is Lollygagging me."

Wednesday, October 08, 2003


I'm away from the kids and Chuck today, but got some bits of news from the homefront. Beth emailed me a note about the soccer game (although Chuck had called to tell me some of this last night). Here's from Beth:


I'm so happy for him. I was hoping he would get just one goal this season. He finally did during the last regular game of the season - and it sounds like he did this on top of stopping two balls while playing goalie! What a great kid.

Tuesday, October 07, 2003

Super De Dooper Full Count

Charlie filled me in on the Athletics/Red Socks game last night, in much detail. (Who decided one sports freak guy wasn't enough for my household, and where was I during the vote???). Apparantly, the game ended with the bases loaded and two outs, the Sox clinging to a 4-3 lead in game 5. Or something like that. I was busy playing Pinochle, but it was a big day for a 7 year old aspiring sports guy, who dubbed the last pitch a "Super de Duper Full Count."

Samantha continues with her demands. As I dropped her off at daycare this morning she said, "Mom. All I need is a trampoline (with a fence around it), a slide, and a Sand Box."

"Is that all?" I asked.

"Yes, " she assured me.

I had been lectured earlier that Brian has a trampoline, and Adam has a sandbox and a swing set. It must be frustrating for her to be raised by parents so incapable of meeting her needs.

Monday, October 06, 2003


I told Samantha this morning that she should consider renaming "snakey". What her toy was, I explained, was a "snakey," but he should also have a name. I made the analgy that it would be like us calling her "person" (persony?)rather than Samantha, all in an attempt to encourage her creativity in coming up with a new name.
She was annoyed with this whole discussion. "There is no '-key' in what he is, mom." Guess we'll stick with "Snakey."


I'm addicted to Snood. Magan and Omar showed me a picture of their nephew playing the game and so I downloaded it thinking my kids would enjoy it too (or at least on that pretense). I now find that I cannot get enough Snood shooting. I even ordered a Snood Shirt, but Samantha has claimed it (they aren't kidding when they say it runs small).

At dinner the other night, Samantha says to me, "Mom, I need a pet. Like a fish or a hermit crab or something." As impressed as I was that she even knew what a hermit crab was, she's going to have to settle for my Snood Shirt, 'cause I pretty much have a full plate with my current crop of creatures to care for.