Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Samantha asked me last night if today would be hard for me. “Without my Valentine?” I asked… this was what she was worried about.

Chuck was not that big fan of using holidays for retail indulgence. Don’t even get me started about the Christmas battles we waged. Valentines he participated more out of a sense of obligation than enthusiasm. Chuck's brother reminded me that what actually filled my husband's heart on Valentines Day was that pitchers and catchers reported to camp. At best, one Valentines Day he brought home some cheesy heart shaped earrings purchased at Fred Meyers at the last minute. At worst, probably our first Valentine’s Day together shortly after we became engaged, when he got his one true love, his newly betrothed: NOTHING. No card, no flowers, no dinner. He never did live that down.

So when Sam asked me if I would be ok, I told her that I will dearly miss her Papa on Valentine’s Day, just like I do on all the other days. It is in fact, not the Hallmark cards I long for, but the everyday stuff. I miss cooking dinner together, talking to him about the kids, discussing politics, watching movies, traveling, listening to music, going to ballgames, sharing a beer and taking care of household chores together. I miss having a partner. I’m ok without the chocolates, flowers or last minute jewelry. I’m pretty good at getting myself presents when I need them.

The kids can “Be Mine” this year. I made them popcorn balls, we’ll probably watch a movie or show tonight and eat tacos. That will work.

Monday, February 13, 2012

We had a dinner fail tonight. I had planned on Slow-Cooker Pork Tacos. I made a delicious marinade of chilies, garlic, chipotles and left it in the Crockpot all day with my pork shoulder. Realized at 6pm that I didn't turn the stupid thing on. I was scrambling after my daughter's 7pm softball lesson to come up with dinner. Went with the 'ole Spaghetti dogs. I was cracking myself up. Kids weren't entirely impressed, and would prefer if this meal did not reappear. The dogs enjoyed them. Charlie looked at our two girl dogs, and said "Ladies? Would you like to have a wiener?"

Friday, February 10, 2012

I have looking for a better way to store some of my creations and costume bling. I found a clearance priced fireplace screen at Lowes, it worked really well.

I added some drawer pulls and nobs for bracelets and necklaces. Just screwed them in. I need to replace the screws that came with the cabinet hardware with shorter ones… but other than that so far this has been a nice solution, that holds a ton.

Much cheaper that the commercially available jewelry display solutions.

Tuesday, February 07, 2012