Wednesday, March 16, 2011

the poet and the swimmer

Samantha recently tried to move up to the next group (The Silver Squad) on her swim team. She didn't make it - she had to be able to complete a series of trials, one of which was 10 100 yard free style swims on the 1:45. (It takes me over 2 minutes to do 1). She made 8/10, so was close, but not quite there.

She has really struggled with acceptance, but shared with me a poem she wrote about the experience. I love this girl. She has more heart and drive than anyone I can think of.

Silver Tryouts - Samantha (age 11)

I slice through the water
My face getting hot
I really want to quit
But I know I must not

My arms feel numb
My legs start to ache
I glance at the clock
I want a break

I get a burst of speed
but not for long
I feel weak
I know that I"m strong

I've got to pull through
I can't give up now
I know I can do this
I know I know how

My whole body is throbbing
My heart's beating fast
My lungs want some air
How will I last

As I arrive
I look at my coach
His expression is solemn
He starts to approach

He told me the truth
I did not make it
I was very close
Just missed by a bit

I wanted to cry
but I kept my cool
There were more chances I told myself
As I climbed out of the pool