Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Halloween resolutions

I’m a sucker for resolutions. Every New Year I make them in droves – pledging to lose weight, exercise, declutter, make a budget, write more letters, improve dental hygiene, you name it. I force the family into this too – and as a group we vote on family resolutions, “go camping more”, “have more friends over”, “explore tropical fish” have been the past few. The results are always a little goofy giving young children and foreign teenagers an equal say to the household adults.

However, I hate the part where the resolution motivation begins to waiver, and I think it can be blamed in part by how overwhelming the changes seem, especially when you are recovering from all that holiday financial and culinary indulgence. And you have to still put the Christmas decorations away.

So this year, I started in October, with a new strategy. I’m going to make one change, for the better, at a time, each week. Once I have been doing it for a week, then I can capitalize on the momentum to keep it going until it becomes habit (I’ve heard 28x becomes a habit, but I really don’t know).

Starting in early October, I added flossing EVERY day to my routine. I was pretty good about this, but missed plenty of days. I have found if I keep a few of those floss picks near the shower, I can floss while I’m standing under the water waiting to wake up.

Last week, I started working out. I have completed 7 workouts. Nothing mighty – just trying to make it part of my morning routine. I don’t start any work at Symantec until I have hit the gym, giving me 4-5 workouts a week. I don’t go into the gym with any set expectations, but rather let my energy level and body dictate treadmill vs. elliptical, time on weights, and duration. This avoids the anticipatory dread – since I’m not facing a must do distance… etc. as I have in the past when training for an event, and I have been pleased thus far with my efforts. The biggest hurdle is always getting started – feels great doing it and certainly after.

This week I have given up refined sugar. Had a few too many SPREE on Sunday, knowing it was coming… but I’ve forgiven myself :-)

Next week, I don’t know. Might try to drink more water, or do something to benefit the kids. Whatever it is, it will be in conjunction with flossing, exercise and a sugar-free diet. Anyways – I’m digging the baby steps, and hopefully January 2011 I won’t feel such a significant need for reform.