Sunday, January 24, 2010

Chuck’s heart was in the right place when he put the inspirational “Women who do to much” page-a-day calendar in my Christmas stocking this year. I don’t doubt that. He knows I am a sucker for the personal productivity industry’s consumer offerings.

But 24 days into the New Year I feel confident with my assessment that this is the most convoluted inane bunch useless nonsensical mushy drivel I have ever seen.

From this weekend:
23 Saturday January 2010: “It seems that we, as women, have had only two options: to go along with “the way things are done” and thus support them, or to fight the way things are and thus support them.” Either way, we lose. Fortunately there is a third option. We can be ourselves.”

Umm – what? What things? What do we lose? What if ourselves likes the way things are, do we still lose?

24 Sunday January 2010: “There’s hope for us all! Remember, no matter what-there’s hope for us all.”

Maybe.. this would be inspiring, if the plague had just hit Lane County, and Obama came to visit us during a campaign stop. But when I walk in the laundry room discouraged by mounds of dirty clothes, “There’s hope for us all,” seems like overkill.

Each new day I dread ripping off yesterday’s page and read my new bit of advice for the day. Oh god, what now, I think with trepidation.

For what it’s worth – I find the lyrical quotes from KZEL (Quality Rock for Western Oregon) that plays during the daily shower vastly more inspirational.

24 Sunday January 2010: Oh my my, oh hell yes ... got to put on that party dress ...