Friday, June 05, 2009

a big fat phew

Life starts anew on June 15th. After 6 months of anxiety over the closure of the Portland Qualcomm office, I have accepted an offer as a Quality Assurance Lead at Symantec's Springfield office. It is so hard to have a job end that I found so intellectually stimulating and, to be honest, financially rewarding. It is also really hard to accept not working with the brilliant and cool people I have had the opportunity to colloborate with for the past 13 years. However, this new chapter is pretty exciting. For the first time since Samantha was born, I will have a reasonable commute to work. So reasonable in fact, that I should walk. Symantec's facilities are ~1.5 miles from my home in Eugene.

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The photography business is also starting to gain traction. Orders are coming in daily from events I have photographed this spring and I'm pleased with the skill improvement that comes with daily shooting.

I have been willing to set some new goals. I'm loosing weight and when I reach that target weight (incredibly ambitious target weight) I'm buying a new ride. Watch this space for skinny scooter riding hot Lane county mama. :-)