Thursday, August 17, 2006

Note to self: I enjoy spending time on Tualatin's fake Lake - a few of us hit Hayden's Grill this afternoon and it was entirely pleasant to sit out by the water and visit.
You'd think I'd know better...but in the car on the way to soccer camp this morning with two 10 year old boys and my daughter, I said without thinking, "Weren't they going to give you new balls?"
Charlie about lost it he was laughing so hard. "Why would I need new balls mom? I've got two perfectly good ones right here!"
He and his friend Philippe then just cracked up forever with sister giggling along, but not in a way that convinced me she knew why. I asked her if she knew what "balls" were and why they thought it was so funny. And then just to be sure, I started to explain (not wanting her to feel left out).
"Mom! I don't need a bunch of details about a boy's penis," she insisted. Ok then. I have done my parental duty for the day, don't you think?

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

ok -
So on a spousal dare, and knowing I would be sitting in a Dunk tank at my coporate picinic the next day, I had the following familiar logo"tatooed" to my right breast with an airbrush last weekend. (black bunny, red bow)

What I was antipating was getting a bunch of grief from a crowd of engineers who after ten years of working with me should know me well enough to call it out as a fake.

No one said a word. The seemed to just assume, "Yea, deb has the Playboy bunny on her breast. What a tart."

Saturday, August 12, 2006

This is a huge day for my family!

Our "new daughter" arrives all the way from Norway.
I get to spend the day being the target in a dunk tank.
I get to show off my new tatoo!

Just juicy teasers until later for those of you who haven't been following along on the daily chaos that is life at the Mundorffs.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

I completely not a trekkie. In fact, I have never made it through a whole television episode becaue I get bored to tears. I went to one of the movies once, and after watching some wormy thing crawl into a guys head and eat his brain, I still for some reason fail to understand the phenomenon. However, this is funny (I don't care who you are):

High-profile cyclist forced off road during charity ride

During the ms 150 ride this past weekend I overheard several riders talking about the top fundraiser being forced off the road during the ride. I hadn't heard anything more about it until a friend forwarded me this story... it was a shame and appears to have been intentional. It was so neat to see the group of riders go by that this injured cyclist was with - the lead pack with George Hincape. I'm glad he wasn't more significantly injured.
High-profile cyclist forced off road during charity ride

Monday, August 07, 2006


Beth and I joined "team Qualcomm" this weekend at the ms150 Oregon cycling event. It was incredibly friendly to all levels of training since there were routes that went from 17 - 104 miles day one and 24 - 78 the second day. There was music and barbeque afterwards– free beer tent sponsored by Fat Tire – post ride massage. It’s all good. The ride I took (33 miles Day 1 – 24 day 2) was very pretty both days – some climbs but doable – beautiful forest and lake views and frequent well stocked rest stops.

Finishing 57 miles in two days made us both feel quite smug and studly. Posted by Picasa