Sunday, February 26, 2006

dang i'm tired. and a bit sore.
Beth and I walked 7.59 miles today!
I'm going to go let Calgon take me away and admire any enhanced definition in my thighs.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

I'm so sad we have outgrown the Wiggles! I think they rock - like the Beatles during their heyday if you are four.

Monday, February 20, 2006

Fun Aunt Jan is having knee surgery today. It was heartbreaking listening to my mom describe how excruciating this was for Candy. I am racking my brain trying to think of some way to send support – but am drawing a blank. We’re routing for you Jan..

Sunday, February 19, 2006


I earned some mama/wife points today. Not only did I grab two of the kid's favorite sweatshirts that having been sitting on a Close Encounters worthy mending pile for months and sew up ripped pockets, I setup CRM for tuneage. When Chuck left for his poker tourney this weekend, I spotted him gathering up an old portable CD player – struggling with the disintegrating foam earphone covers and gathering CDs.

“Dude. You have an iPod. What are you doing?” For Christmas he got the top of the line iPod to go with our new iMac. He looked at me completely annoyed and said, “There’s no music on it, is there?” It seems as the designated computer geek in the family this is my fault . Arguably iPod setup could fall into the category of a music geek’s responsibility but based on the look on his face, and the fact that it is approaching Easter and he has yet to set it up I figured I better step up.

So – when he returns, he will find our digitized music collection has been imported into “Chuck Mundorff’s Library” and synced with his iPod. I’m such a good wife!

OH! and I almost forgot! I fixed the gate! Ok, so granted I had to call my step mother to ask how to put a the right bit in the drill, and then talk to my dad so he could explain this wasn't a job for the drill, and then talk to the hardware guy about filling stripped holes where the screws were in the fence, but THEN! I fixed the fence. All by myself. And it took roughly 3 minutes. Maybe I should pitch a "how-to" show to HGTV or DIY?
It is deceptively sunny and beautiful in Tillamook this weekend. I look out the window to see blue skies, daffodils peeking out of the ground and want to put on short skirts and sandals and show off my pedicured hot pink toes.
The minute I open the door to go outside, however, the wind chills to the bones. It is flat cold outside.
Chuck's away playing poker and the kids and I have completely hermited. Even the dog's movement is limited to a thumping tail on the floor in response to her typical greeting, "Mama loves her fat dog" or "Hey, fuzzy lips, what up dog?"
I have been sick all week and have looked foward to a long three day weekend with nothing scheduled but attempts to keep warm.
The kids and I put up an aerobed covered in fuzzy blankets in the middle of the living room and watched Rocky yesterday. My mother in law walked in to see the three of us and the dog in this big pile on the bed cheering for the bloodied, broken nosed Itallian Stallion to go the distance against Apollo Creed. She had to turn away - grossed out by the close up bloody boxing shots. Charlie loved it with the exception of the "kissing parts" for which he felt inclined to cover his face. I tried to tell him this was the best part - "see look he loves her when he says Yo Adrienne and she is shy but pretty and loves Rocky."
Charlie was not convinced but was completely won over by the movie as a whole and we had to go rent Rocky 2 for today's movietime enjoyment. Did I mention how lovely it is to be over the Pokemon phase?

Monday, February 13, 2006

guess who got beat by a girl?

I have to be careful about bragging to much about this - because Mr. K has this incredible knack for making me eat my words when I start smack talking about anything - but this past weekend I took all his chips at a late after barnrock hold'em tournament that was down to just Chris and I. Picutred here during the Civil War party serving as bartender... Fortunately he's not a blog reader. Beth - Shhh. Maybe I'll cut you in on my $80. Posted by Picasa

Thursday, February 09, 2006

HUGE brand

"The condom with the slightly larger package."

Alright boys. Raise your hand if you think you need these.

Saturday, February 04, 2006

One more wishlist item this morning... check out all this cool jewlery. Who doesn't need earrings made out of hex heads or compasses?

Individual Items
I'm trying to decide if this is exceptionally strange... or exceptionally cool. Might I need one?

This is a picture I took driving home from work last week. Visibility =0

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Here is a picture of my children at a bar!! I'm such a good mama. Big thumbs up on the Pelican Pub remodel. It was a great place to enjoy lunch an a terribly grey and miserable Sunday afternoon - when we needed to get out of the house desperately. Posted by Picasa

shower interruptus

I consider my shower somewhat sacred. I take great pleasure in all my fancy scrubs and soaps. I enjoy the smell and feel of washing with Pineapple Enzyme facial cleanser, Rosemary Mint Body wash and exfoliating with a scrubby. It is all good and steamy and I cannot make it through a day happily without this beginning. (I’m working on acceptable alternatives to become a better camper, but that’s another story).

It has, however, been since 1996 since I have enjoyed this ritual ALONE. Yesterday, as a typical example, I was interrupted at roughly 45 second intervals with highlights from the children’s new “Jokelopedia” (when will I learn not to buy them this stuff?)

I’d soap up my hair, or shave a leg or something and two kids would come dashing in…

“Mom! Why did the rooster cross the road?”

mom: I dunno.

“To show he wasn’t a chicken!” (giggle, shriek)

..shower continues for a few uninterrupted seconds – hair conditioned…

“Mom! Why did the chicken cross the road and then go back?”

mom: I dunno

“He was a dirty double crosser!”

“Mama! What do you call a fish with no eyes?”

mom: “FSH”

“mom! Why do nuns like swiss cheese?”

mom:”Because it is holey.”